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North Pole Eskimo's: How cute are we? 6" Super Soft Fluffy Cuddly Eskimo's. Packed 12 pc/display 6" North Pole Plush Eskimo's: Hi, I hope your having a wonderful Christmas, we are the Eskimo's that came from Greenland and now live at the North Pole with Santa Claus. With so many toys to build, the elves have been overwhelmed, So Santa came to Greenland asking for this important favor to help build toys at the North Pole. He said without our help a lot of good boys and girls would not be able to receive toys this Christmas. At that point we were on board. We now live at the North Pole and love it here. We especially love to feed Santa's Reindeer. that silly Blitzen is always getting into mischief.
Base Price $1.90/ea
Item Number ZS-ESK06