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 Thank you for inquiring about Tracker (santas puppy), Reindeer on the Roof and Adopt an Elf.  We look forward to building these brands into a successful venture for many years to come. We will continue to brand new products, new books and will continue updating new and exciting features on www.santaspuppy.com ; www.reindeerontheroof.com; www.adoptanelf.com; www.adoptaduck.com;  adoptabunny.com


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Adopt an Elf; Adopt an Elf 3d website in which children will be able to adopt an elf for Christmas; visit Santa's House where they can find out if they have been Naughty or Nice. Plus many other fun activities for kids to do.

Reindeer on the Roof: There are 3 ways to purchase. You can purchase the 7" reindeer or 10" reindeer seperately or purchase the set which includes a house, journal and reindeer. Children will love this fun loving Reindeer, they will write in their journal each day of December. When they are ready to send their thoughts and message to Santa, they simply place the Reindeer on the Roof. This will insure that their reindeer will fly to the North Pole and deliver their message to Santa.

Reindeer on the Roofs Website: each stuffed reindeer will include a secret code to enter the site. There are so many things to do on the site such as visiting Santas house, visit the reindeer barn, elf house, tracking station. You will create your new reindeer, play with your friends reindeer and type in your journal information. There are many games to play, arts and crafts, songs, stories and much much more... 

Tracker "Santa's Puppy"   Before you know it, Christmas will be here again. Tracker's stuffed animal is in full production overseas and Tracker's book is now available. You can purchase Tracker's book and stuffed animal in a host of different ways. There are floor displays available as well as counter displays.

A little history of Tracker and his website. Tracker was written by Alexandra Bovill, a house wife from Cranston, Rhode Island. Alix was inspired to write the Tracker book by her little Lhasa Aphso puppy named Tony. Tracker's book describes how Santa recieves this special puppy and how this puppy has the magical ability to sniff children to see if they are Naughty or Nice. Tracker's ears will stand straight up and the word Naughty or Nice appears inside one of his ears.

Tracker even has his own song.

Next comes Tracker's interactive website. On Tracker's website, children can build their own elf and elf house, they will have to choose a street to live on at the North Pole. Once they establish their home, they must apply for a job (just like a grown up). They will earn money working at the Toy Factory. Once they earn eneogh money they can purchase nice things for their elf and elf house.

There also will be many other things on Tracker's website, such as visiting Santa's house, visiting the Reindeer Barn, Post office and see where the elves live. They also can Track Santa on Christmas Eve and see exactly what time Santa is coming to their house. Plus many, many other fun activities. 

Adopt a Duck:  3d website designed for easter: coming soon

Adopt a Bunny: 3d Website designed for Easter: coming soon

Adopt a Snowman: 3d website coming soon


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